Rush Hour Yoshiwara Brothel/Soap Land

TEL:03-3871-6880Business Hours 12:00 to 22:00
Last Admission 21:00

Ryo's BLOG


Do you know what I have?😉


My schedule

10/23(fri) 14:30〜19:30

10/24(sat) 18:30〜21:30

10/28(wed) 17:00〜21:00

10/31(sat) 14:00〜20:00

Only advance reservations are accepted on all days. 

I don't care about your appearance or experience I just hope someone who respects me will come to see me.




I'm always grateful that I met great customer🥰❤️❤️


Thank you for coming yesterday🙌❤️

I'll go to the store tomorrow✨Let's have fun together😍


I'm waiting for you😘😘😘❤️❤️


Tomorrow I'll be at the store from 3pm until 9pm❣️Pleeeease come to see me🥺❤️


Would you like to toast with me?😉💗


Heavy rain😫😫😫



10/5(mon) 14:00〜19:00

10/6(tue) 13:30〜19:00

10/9(fri) 15:00〜20:00

10/11(sun) 17:00〜20:00

If you want to see me, please DM me😘❤️