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Hello! How are you? 🥰🥰

⭐️This week ’s schedule. ⭐️

12/17 12-18pm

12/19 17-23pm

I look forward to meeting you❣️

Do you like injections?笑笑

see you soon🥳

paradise hiromi♡

Hello gentleman ❤︎

today's 19〜23pm schedule⭐️

I am looking forward to having a wonderful and lovely sweet  time with you💓

plz, come to see me, if you're interested in me. 

I'm looking forward to meeting you. 

thank u 😊 🥰

paradise hiromi♡


goooood morning:)

How are you?

I'm going to work today🥰

Today's schedule


Let's enjoy together❤️❤️

see you soon^ ^

paradise hiromi♡

have a good weekend!

Hi! How are u doing?? tonight??

i'm went to yoga(*☻-☻*)

too hard lesson...


 It ’s very cold today, so be careful of colds. 

Tomorrow is 10-14 pm

 Let's have a warm and wonderful time together. 

i'm waiting.(^^)

paradise hiromi♡


thank u for today!

see you soon^ ^

next day is saturday★


thank u

have a good sleep(^^)

paradise hiromi:))



It ’s warm and comfortable today\(//∇//)\

Would you like to have a good time together? Please come and see me(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)♡

paradise hiromi★

see u soon♡

HI !!

How are u doing today??

Please be careful about colds.(о´∀`о)

 Tomorrow I will be in the store at 12-18pm

Would you like to have a good time together? ? I look forward to meeting you soon★

see u soon

paradise hiromi(*´∀`)♪

long time no see^o^

Hello! Long time no see★

 I had a long rest.

 How are you all? ? (^^)

This week's schedule! 

12th Thursday 12-18 pm

14th Saturday 10-14pm

Would you like to spend a wonderful time together? ♡♡

I'm looking forward to seeing you.

paradise hiromi:)))

(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)always thanks


How's doing??

i'm so sorry ...

The schedule has been changed.


See you in December. 

wanna see u soon:D

Thank you for watching the blog♡

paradise Hiromi♡

what's up??

Hi, How have u been??

i'm pretty good.

today is my schedule 17pm〜23pm


wanna see u soon(^з^)-☆

Have a good day!!