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Riri's BLOG


I'm not sure if I ever do this job again... so I really hope you'd come for me and let me give you a hug and kiss and you know what happens after that lol but seriously I'd be really appreciated if you do that😢

let me say goodbye!



favorite chocolate of all time❤️

thank you, M😘


I wish I could say goodbye to all of my costumers in person... this sucks😭


I have a really sad news for you guys, our Paradise, your Paradise, will be closing on this Sunday... this pandemic, the virus...I hate it😔

I'll be working tomorrow and the last day too.

I hope you guys come and visit me...


I'll be at paradise on Friday! hope you'd come!

waiting for you!

come get me😘!!


let's have fun with me❣️


I'll be at paradise tomorrow😘


We're having such a cold weather recently, I hate it😣😣


I'm sorry guys that I had to cancel my attendance :( I'm on my period now I will

be back in a week❣️!!

Have a nice dream😘