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Good evening honey!

It seems that a typhoon will come to Tokyo this weekend, pls be careful⛈

Have a sweet dream❤️

Have a good dream 🌙🌙🌙

I’m really looking forward to seeing u💋💋💋

I miss u…xxx




Thank u!❤️

When u will have a time for meeting to me in @ParadiseShibuya, plz call and request me! I’m waiting u💋💋💋 xxx

Have a good dream!


Hi,How are you doing today?

And today I will go to ParadiseShibuya.


Please book me❤️

Really I am not good at English.

But I want to do my best for spending great time with you!

I am looking forward to seeing you!


What are you doing to do this weekend?

Good morning!

What are you going to do this weekend?

My cats seem to be in a bad mood because recently the weather hasn't been good…

But if I will be possible, I want to commute at ParadiseShibuya to see you this weekend!

Have a good day!xxx

The Notice about my reservation

I’m really sorry I still don't know my schedule for this week's work.

Please contact the phone number of ParadiseShibuya for my reservation.

I would like to commute for meet you as possible i can, if you wish for my booking.

I'm looking forward to seeing you:)




당신은 뭐하고 있었어요?

내일도 서로 화이팅💜💜💜

Good night♥️

Sorry I am on my period...

I have a sore tummy.

I really want to see you as soon as I can!!!

I miss you🥺

Please just a moment, my dear!

What are you doing now?

I am going to take a nap with my cat 🐈‍⬛

Long time no see

I miss you.

I’m looking forward to seeing you the day after


Really sorry and thank you for worrying me!

I haven’t been able to go to Paradise Shibuya...

I’m really sorry.

I had a low grade fever last week.(But l’m fine now!)

So I consulted with the health center and went to the hospital, but I couldn't get the PCR…

I want you to feel at relieving when you meet me.

I asked for the PCR kit to be shipped.

If I get results and I'm not covid19, I'll go to PARADISE right away.

Please just a moment!

And really sorry,Mr.A.

I couldn't go see you.……

Take good care of yourself!


What dream are you seeing?

My little cat is turbulent