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Tomorrow from 12:00 to 20:00

I'm going to work🤍

I want to heal you a lot💋

2/6 12:00〜20:00

2/11 12:00〜21:00

2/12 12:00〜21:00

Choose me :)

Thank you🤍

I will go to work at the store from 4pm today.💗

Thank you for your quick reservation 🎀 Let's have a lot of fun together 🏩❣️

Next reception time is from 7p.m〜

Japanese girlfriend💗

I want to meet you yesterday Mr.J🤍

Thank you for all the souvenirs from Paris❤️ I want to go to Paris too!!

And be careful not to drink too much next time we meet⚠️🥺

Going to work well today too


I will make lots of memories of my trip to Japan💋

And I think I'll be your Japanese girlfriend 🎀


Shoot rich milk into your face with your etch💋🤍

Or I want to drink a lot🍼


Work tomorrow too💗


Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Shall we have a sweet time together?



Thank you🤍🤍🤍

I had fun for 150 minutes ❣️

Enjoy Osaka from the day after tomorrow💓 And I hope you can call me back when you come to Japan again💋

I'm done with my work today!!❤️

From 14:00 on the next 31st,

You can accept it until 8PM, so if you want to have fun with me, please contact DM or the store🔥





Please follow&DM💓


On a cold day, do you want to take a bath together, kiss a lot, and have a great session together?😍

If you experience my lingam massage, you will be done many times 🪄🤍


January is over and Valentine's Day is just around the corner❤️🤍

Lick me around a lot 🍫🫠🤍

It may taste like sweet chocolate🤔❣️


I'm sleepy every day🥱💤

Let's hug each other and sleep together❤️





Please Follow &DM😍



It's very cold in Tokyo from today ❄️

I like snow, but I don't like snow that doesn't pile up🥺

I want to stick with you all the time on cold days, but do you want to do something nice with me?😍

tomorrow 12:00〜20:00





Please Follow & Dm🤍


I bought a book to learn English so that I can talk to my favorite darling without using a translator, but it's difficult😂

Come to think of it, I remembered that my English test scores were not good since I was a student 🥲


1/21 12:00〜18:00

1/23 12:00〜20:00

1/24 12:00〜20:00

1/26 12:00〜20:00

1/27 14:00〜23:00

1/29 12:00〜18:00

I'm so happy to receive presents from wonderful customers💓

Thank you 😊





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