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I'm at work🤍

I saw an anime advertisement on the station platform today🤩


Do you like it?

I'll be in the store until 8PM, so please ask the staff for more information🤍


Good morning🤍

Something very happy happened today🦋And unlike yesterday, it's sunny today, so I'm happy⭐️

You have already made a reservation, so please contact the staff for free time and detailed time❤️


Hello 😍

I arrived at the office🦋

I'm planning my friend's birthday party 🎉 tonight😍

The weather is bad because of the rain, and I feel a little less excited, but I'll be there until 8PM today, so I'll do my best to make it sunny ☀️🎊

Please check with the staff for more information😍


Thank you for May🤍

It's only been a month since I came to Paradise in May.It was a long month at the earliest🥲🤍

I've probably made a lot of mistakes in unfamiliar English, but I'm still doing my best because there were kind gentlemen🧐Thank you!!

I'm impressed that there are many kind people on Twitter who teach me English on DM and talk to me a lot so that I can become English🥺🎀

There are a lot of people who don't want to go to Japan by COVID, but I plan to stay here forever, so let's wait together until the border opens

I will do my best to look into the eyes and have a conversation without using my cell phone ⭐️

I'll do my best to give you a lot of happiness when I see you!

I'll do my best to grow a lot in the future, so please keep an eye on me😌?

Nice to meet you in June too!!



I'm at work on Saturday, which is rare today🙊

If you want to do something obscene, please call me💋🤍

Please ask the staff for more information⭐️


I arrived at the office🤍

Today's lunch is full of mackerel🐟

I will do my best today so that I can take a lot of protein and make you happy🌻

Please ask the staff for more information🎀


I arrived at the office❤️🤍

I'm glad it's sunny again today☀️🤍

Where did the rainy season go?

I'm full of energy after eating udon for lunch today🥳

Please ask the staff for my detailed time⭐️

Will you be happy together?

I'm sorry for updating my diary late 🥲I'msorry

I've been busy all day today😳

I will work from midnight tomorrow😘

If you want to love Rio a lot, please contact the staff for more information⭐️

I promise you that we will both be happy when we meet🙊



It's been a long time since the sun came out today, so I'm happy☀️

Today, I had lunch with my friend after a long time at Korean Town in Okubo🇰🇷It was very delicious😍