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Thank you May👑

Today is the end of May🩵🤍

Thank you for loving me so much this month...♡♡

I was happy that I was able to successfully complete my small goal for a month!

I need your support so that I can have a fun month in June too🥺🤍

Also, we are planning to take a new photo of the proclamation material in June, so please look forward to it👑



🩵From rio🤍

Next 6/1 17:00〜🤍

I will work today too🤍


Thank you for making a reservation💕

The rainy season is coming soon, but I hope summer will come soon‼︎

Come on Baby…♡♡

👑Next schedule

6/1 17:00〜25:00

6/4 14:00〜20:00



Please follow💕

Thanks love letter♡Mr W

Thank you again today🌻

I'll go to work tomorrow too!!!!


Thank you for making a reservation♡♡

Reservations are still being accepted🪽


Mr. W♡

Thank you for calling me the other day💋

Sorry for the delay🥲

I'm glad you told me that I'm cute and made me feel good!!! And you felt it a lot...♡♡

You are very good at Japanese and have spoken a lot in Japanese, but let's speak in English next time😂🤍

When I visit your country someday, let's go to Disney together!

And thank you for writing a review🥲💕

I miss you again!!

I love you!

Micro Bikini Love??💋

I was happy to meet so many customers yesterday🤍🩵

Thank you💋

Also, thank you for making a reservation today🥲

Let's enjoy a lot of erotic things together...♡♡

👑This week schedule


5/30 16:00〜23:00

6/1  17:00〜25:00

Choose me💕

Next 5/29 16:00〜🤍🩵

Hi gentleman🤍🩵

Thank you for making a reservation today😌

Let's feel good together♡♡

I was having a festival in Shibuya🪅

I hope I can go to various festivals this year ☺️

Is there a festival in the country where you live?

Please let me know 💋

👑My schedule

5/29 16:00〜24:00

5/30 16:00〜23:00

6/1 17:00〜25:00

6/4 14:00〜20:00



Please follow me♡♡


Next 5/28 14:00〜

I'm almost done with my work today💋

Today, I took a picture wearing a uniform for the first time in a while📷🤍

Does your uniform still look good on you?☹️

Elotic play between students and teachers while wearing uniforms👩🏫

I want to enjoy image erotic play💕

🌻Next schedule

5/28 14:00〜20:00

5/29 16:00〜24:00

5/30 16:00〜23:00



Please follow♡♡

today 16:00〜

Gm gentleman🤍🩵

it's Rio:)


Thank you for making a reservation🤍

I'm so happy to see you last month~!!

I'm working until night today, so I'm waiting for your love call🥲♡♡


Hi gentleman🤍

I'm going to work well today too♡♡


I'm waiting for your love call💋

5/26 16:00〜24:00

5/27 14:00〜20:00

The rainy season is just around the corner🥲

I can't wait for summer!!



please Follow💕💕

tomorrow 16:00💋

Hello 🩵

I'm going to work tomorrow♡♡


I'll be waiting for your love call💕

Let's do a lot of pleasant things!

I haven't been able to drink your strong milk lately, so I want to drink it🫣🤍



Please spoil me a lot🤍

Good morning🌻

I will go to work well today too♡♡


Thank you for making a reservation😍

Let's make ourselves feel better!

Yesterday, my favorite repeaters bought me a lot of things I've always wanted for Rio's real birthday🤍🩵

I am happy to have so many wonderful customers who support me like this♡♡

I have to make an effort to make you feel better in the future♡

Thank you🤍My favorite person!

cute💕or Sexy💋

Hello gentleman🤍🩵

This is Rio🪄


I will go to work well today too💋

Thank you for making a reservation🤍🤍

I've been on a diet lately, so I think I'll take a new picture around next month📷♡

I'm thinking about whether to choose cute or sexy underwear

Which one do you like better?

Please let me know♡♡

I'll be waiting for your love call again today☎︎♡



There are also pictures that can't be posted on blogs ♡♡