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I will be in paradise today from 20:00-25:00💗.

The weather looks bad, so come spend a wonderful time in your room with me 🏨.

You can see him today at Paradas.

I recently got into shisha.

I go often.

Shisha is popular in Japan, but what is popular in your country?

Please let me know!

I did some decluttering of my geek stuff today.

I did some decluttering of my geek stuff today.

I wonder if the word "decluttering" exists outside of Japan?

I'm still continuing my decluttering!

My next day of work at the store is Monday, the 6th!

Please come and see me!

Work schedule for this week

Here is this week's work schedule.

I will be at work on weekdays only when I have a reservation in advance.

I will be at work on Saturdays as usual.

I will be available from 15:00 to 23:00 on Saturdays.

I am waiting for your invitation.

Schedule is now available

Schedule is now available.

2/26 21:00-28:00

12/29 22:00-28:00

In January, I will be in Paradise only if there is a reservation in advance.

Advance booking is recommended as there is a discount if you make a reservation in advance!

1/10 15:00-26:00

1/11 15:00-26:00

1/12 15:00-26:00

1/18 15:00-26:00

1/19 15:00-26:00

1/20 15:00-26:00

Looking forward to seeing you!


Thank you very much for today.

Tomorrow is paradise again at 7pm, but I will not be at work unless I have a reservation.

Please make an advance reservation by 10pm today.

Then we can meet.

I look forward to meeting you all :>

Here is the phone number for reservations


Or DM me on Twitter.


I am in paradise.

I will be in Paradise from 3pm.

I will be back at 7pm, so if you want to meet me, please contact me.

A Cold Day and Me

I will be at work tomorrow from 12:00-19:00.

It is very cold, but I am looking forward to seeing you.

I believe it is universal that the colder the day is, the more you miss people.


If I were in Paradise on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at noon, would you invite me to join you?

We'll be waiting for you in Paradise today.


Today is from 24:00 to 28:00.

It is a short night only.

Reserve in advance is recommended.

Reserve is not available on Twitter, so please contact the restaurant.

Best regards.

Twitter is no longer available.