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check it now!!!!!!

Too much content to post 😂💓

Sorry 🙏

Paradise schedule for next week: ⬇️

It is recommended to book in advance.

Please contact me via Twitter DM💌🙏.

I hope you also check out the blog I posted 1 blog ago 💕😌💕.

I'll continue when I wake up and have more time lol

Then I'm going to bed 😪 Good night.

I want to tell you how I feel 😢💕

I hope you can see that my blog is a bit longer than usual 🥲🙏.

September, all the customers who came to see me.

All the customers who supported me to improve my rank

Thank you very much.

I had an interview at Paradise on January 10 this year and was accepted, and I worked hard to achieve my goal step by step.

The first one is to reach 20 reviews 🥺💓⬇️

And the second one is to reach about 1000 followers on Twitter 🫶.

The third and final one is to increase my rank and get promoted to the final rank of platinum.

That all came true in September 😢🙏💖.

I was told by the staff that I was the first girl to be promoted so quickly.

I was so honored to be told by the staff that I was the first girl to be promoted so quickly.

I am so grateful to all of them for their support and cooperation.

Thank you so very, very much 😢💗💗💗

Since October, I have been promoted to the final rank of platinum, which I have longed for 🙇‍♀️💓

And I made one new goal to reach even higher.

That's quite a hurdle, but I'll keep my original intention in mind and work hard again at my pace 🫡💕.

I know I'm brazen, but I hope you will continue to support me even though I'm like this 🥹.

I've been promoted to platinum rank, so my fee system will change, so please check my Twitter for more details. 🙇‍♀️

And I'm still waiting for your reservation for this month 💕😌💕.

Thank you for your continued support of Paradise🦋Ren.




My Website💋



Paradise came to work 🥰.

Thank you to all the customers who booked long courses in advance from the start: ❣️

I'm on my way 🫶.

I will be on the job until 25:00 today.

I'm looking forward to your invitation!

We still have some slots available after 21:00 today 🥹💓




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very erotic💋🔞🫰

Good evening 🌙

I will be at work in Paradise 🩷.

Today, too, from 20:00 to 25:00. ❣️

I'm wearing very erotic underwear.

I hope you can see her underwear......🥹

I'm waiting for you perverted boys to invite me ♥️




My Website💋



I will be at Paradise today from 20:00 to 25:00 🩷.

Yesterday I went to Daikanyama for afternoon tea with my friend who works at a beauty clinic and her two dogs 🩷

Collaboration of my favorite Muscat and Earl Grey tea✨

It's been a while since I had a meaningful time with my friends✨

And we're steadily filling up for next month, so we're waiting for you to make an appointment (❁´ω`❁)

Here is the schedule for next month: ❣️