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My schedule

Hi guys✨

17th to 22th are my day off for traveling👍

I'll work on tomorrow and day after tomorrow, so please come to see me💕

By the way, I got new zelda from my client🥰

I'm crazy about playing it haha✨

Thank you💕

I got some gifts recently🫶

Thank you for them💕

It becomes so hot like summer in Japan, so please take care yourself👍

Let's play with me inside cool room💕

May comes✨


Thank you for many clients in April, too🫶

I could become Platinum rank💕

Also I was no.1 of 3 parts❣️

I'll do my best better than now, so please support me🥰

New service💕

Long time no see😂

I have a good news🫶

My costume increased, "Miko-san"

That is traditional Japanese costume arranged erotic💕

If you want, tell that with booking or DM on Twitter❣️

Day off🐈

Hi! How are you?✨

It was day off yesterday💕

I went to a big hot spring and recommend you this spot👍

If you visit Shinjuku, Please try "Teruma-yu"🫶

Also I am glad to be said that my English is good by every clients💕Thank you🍓

Thank you for last month❣️

From yesterday, April started🌸

Do you start something new? I want to try 🫶

I work a lot on April, too!

So please support me💕


From next month, I will be Gold Rank💕

Thanks for every one who called me and also checked my blog and Twitter🫶

Please continue to be crazy about me❣️

Fall in love 💕

Many guys talk to me on Twitter recently, so I'm very glad❣️

Please come to be instead of the Bear🫶

The magic to be crazy about me

I took so nice photos, plz be crazy about me💕

If you want to check inside of cloth, you should book me🫶