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Kako's Blog

Thank you for today♡


It's Kako. 😊

Thank you for visiting my blog. 💓

The cherry blossoms in Japan are almost in full bloom. 🌸

It's going to rain in Tokyo for a few days from tomorrow, so it's a little disappointing. 🥲🥲

I'm looking for people to watch the cherry blossoms with me despite the weather. ❤️

Let's go see the cherry blossoms at night! And do sexy and erotic things with me! 😳

I'm going to work tomorrow too. ❤️❤️

To Mr. J

We were shy, but at the end we were able to open up and talk about various things and it was fun! 💓

I really admired you for traveling to different countries.🥺🥺

I will never forget the time when we hugged each other. Come see us again! 😊😊

Moe Moe Kyun💗💗

Thank you for reading the blog until the end today!


Thank you♡To Mr. S and Mr. P.

Thank you for yesterday! 💓

It was such a fun time! 

To Mr. S

I was very nervous as a first time customer.

We were both nervous and you were so cute. lol

It became a very fun memory to talk about various things while taking a bath. 😊❤️

Good luck with your job. Also, take care of your health. Thank you for writing a review! 😘

To Mr. P

 I was curious about your tattoo the moment I entered the room. 😳

I was healed by your warmth😌

I was so happy to hold you for so long!

Please visit Japan a lot😉

Have a safe trip! Thank you for writing a review!❤️

The next work day is from 7:00 pm to 23:00 pm on 2/21.

Looking forward to seeing you ❤️



The weather is warm today.☀️☀️☀️

How are you all doing? 

I'll go to work today. 😘

I look forward to you booking me!❤️❤️

This photo was taken a while ago when I cosplayed as a Japanese high school student!👧🏻

How is it?😊


Hi! It's Kako. 

It was raining in Tokyo today, so it was very cold.🥶🥶 

I will go to work from tomorrow! 😊💓

If you call me, I will never let you regret it!☺️

Let's make memories together. 😋😋

I'll be waiting for you.😘😘


Hello! My name is Kako. 

Nice to meet you.💓💓

The first work day is from 14:00 to 22:00 on 3/19. 

Have some fun and sexy time with me.😘

I'm looking forward to seeing you.😊

I would be happy if you could book me.☀️💓


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