Paradise was established at Kawasaki, because our signature concept mixes western culture with the enjoyment of a traditional Japanese “Soapland”. Then, a lot of foreign customers including tourists use us, so we also launched a new shop at Yoshiwara in March 2019. Our private, purpose-built facility has 8 service rooms. With all walk in customers, you will receive a live line up with all the available cast members. You will be able to see what they are working with and choose from the selection to your liking. Our establishment is located 15 minutes (walking distance) from Minowa, Iriya station, or 20 minutes from Asakusa station. Also, you can come visit us by taxi, it costs about 1,000Yen from Ueno station. Public coin parking facilities are also available in the vicinity of the establishment for clients visiting by car.

PARADISE在川崎成立,因为我们的标志性概念将西方文化与传统日本“Soapland”的享受融为一体。 然后,很多外国客户,包括游客都在使用我们,所以我们也在2019年3月在吉原开了一家新店。 我们专用的私人设施有8个服务室。 随着所有走进客户,您将收到所有可用演员的现场直播。 您将能够看到他们正在使用的内容,并根据您的喜好选择。 我们的酒店距离三ノ輪,入谷车站15分钟(步行距离),或距离浅草车站20分钟。此外,您可以乘坐出租车前往我们,从上野车站出发约1000日元。公共硬币停车设施也可提供靠近汽车的客户所在地。

PARADISE在川崎成立,因為我們的標誌性概念將西方文化與傳統日本“Soapland”的享受融為一體。 然後,很多外國客戶,包括遊客都在使用我們,所以我們也在2019年3月在吉原開了一家新店。 我們專用的私人設施有8個服務室。 隨著所有走進客戶,您將收到所有可用演員的現場直播。 您將能夠看到他們正在使用的內容,並根據您的喜好選擇。 我們的酒店距離三ノ輪,入谷車站15分鐘(步行距離),或距離淺草車站20分鐘。此外,您可以乘坐出租車前往我們,從上野車站出發約1000日元。公共硬幣停車設施也可提供靠近汽車的客戶所在地。


All walk-in guests receive a face-to-face line up of all available cast members. After each cast introduces herself, guests are free to choose their favorite cast.

Paradise staff can also assist in helping you choose the most ideal companion. Please don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations. We aspire to make sure each and every visitor of Paradise receives the best possible service.







Paradise Etiquette



Your session will be terminated immediately if you are in violation of the following rules.

  1. Physical abuse and forceful behavior.
  2. Verbal abuse in any language.
  3. Attempts to obtain personal information from the companion. (Headhunters/Recruiters/Stalkers)
  4. Extension of time due to unruly behavior.
  5. Photography / Video Recording
  6. Any act considered to be an invasion of privacy.

We have the right to refuse service to following individuals into our establishment.

  1. Individuals under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.
  2. An employee or proprietor of a business in same line of business.
  3. Organized Crime Members.
  4. Unsanitary Individuals who may be carrying a "Sexually Transmitted Infection"


  1. 身体虐待和有力行为。
  2. 任何语言的言语虐待。
  3. 尝试从同伴那里获取个人信息。(猎头/招聘人员/潜行者)
  4. 由于不守规矩的行为而延长时间。
  5. 摄影/录像
  6. 任何被视为侵犯隐私的行为。


  1. 受酒精或受控物质影响的个人。
  2. 同一业务范围内的企业的员工或所有人。
  3. 有组织犯罪成员。
  4. 可能携带“性传播感染”的不卫生个人


  1. 身體虐待和有力行為。
  2. 任何語言的言語虐待。
  3. 嘗試從同伴那裡獲取個人信息。(獵頭/招聘人員/潛行者)
  4. 由於不守規矩的行為而延長時間。
  5. 攝影/錄像
  6. 任何被視為侵犯隱私的行為。


  1. 受酒精或受控物質影響的個人。
  2. 同一業務範圍內的企業的員工或所有人。
  3. 有組織犯罪成員。
  4. 可能攜帶“性傳播感染”的不衛生個人
Business Hours 9:00AM to 11:00PM
Last Admission 10:00PM
〒111-0031 東京都台東区千束4-21-1
Tokyo Prefecture, Taito Ward,
Senzoku, 4-21-1 - Click here for Google Maps -


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