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Hello, my name is Erika. Let's have a good time together. Thanks for watching! Is your wish like a lover? Or is it a professional service? You can get it either way you think?


174cm 5.7ft


24 years old


B96cm(F) W62cm H90cm

Body Type

Busty & Tall


Japanese Only





Pubic Hair


Last Checkup






Erika's Blog


Erika is the best at ki**ing. You will feel truly loved and relaxed the entire time you're with her. I can recommend her enough for either solo or 3P sessions.

Erika is an absolute pleasure. From the start, she welcomes you warmly, and never stops. Even during a 3P situation, you can’t help but let her steal your attention. Her play is immaculate, and her kis**s melting. She knows how to change her approach to satisfy your preferences, but she’s also not scared to grab you and set a better pace for her, too. By the end of the session, I even had friction burns on my toes; but she was so good I didn’t even notice until much later! Two hours wasn’t enough, my only regret in picking Erika was that I couldn’t have her for even longer. The mind was more than willing, longing even, but the body was tapping out. There’s no hesitation at all, if she’s available when I’m next in Tokyo I will be going straight to see her. - Praec

I had the most amazing 3P experience with Erika and Moca. Erika has many GFE qualities and her mat skills are incredible. She is a very sweet and giving person and super sexy. The two are a very good team and made me very happy. TJG

Ear licking was so good

Had a 3P course with Erika and Sora, Was an amazing experience. They were everywhere, in a good way. Always working as a team to give the max amount of satisfaction. Erika seems to take the lead but that doesn't mean Sora isn't there. She is amazing also. Highly recommend these two girls if you can get them.

I got to meet Erika and was blown away by her amazing skills and service. She's a gem and you will not be disappointed booking her!

I got to experience a 3p with Sora and Erika. Beautiful ladies and left me speechless the entire time. I would recommend it to anyone who is lucky enough to have these 2 ladies available at the same time. They are the perfect team with Erika as lead you will just be blown away.

Erika was absolutely gorgeous with a fabulous sense of humor and personality! I wish I had booked her for a longer time! She was very mature yet energetic and happy. She knows what she’s doing specially when it comes to the massage! I had a great physical and mental release and all the stress was out after her touch! Erika is lovely. M from New York

OMG!! I felt like her boyfriend that she had not seen in a while. Awesome!!

I was lucky enough to have my first 3P experience with Sora & Erika. I was very nervous but as soon as I started to walk up the stairs and see these two beautiful girls smiling and cheering for me...Everything became fine. Sora looks MUCH better in person compared to her photos, she has the cutest smile and most beautiful eyes. With a very small perfect sized body. Erika looks better as well. She is much taller and I would say more experienced. The experience is hard to describe but I thought I had died and gone to heaven (or Paradise). the 90min session was just enough time to fully enjoy the experience of a lifetime. It was so good I came back to see them again before I left Japan. Highly recommend Sora & Erika either for 3P or even for a nice long session. Will miss them both and cannot wait to come back.

Erika is a real pro worthy of the platinum rank. She is tall and very beautiful and knows exactly what to do to give you the best experience. I was lucky enough to have a 3P with her & Sora and she really led the way making sure that the entire time everything that was happening was just to make me feel better. The experience was so good I came back for a second 3P with her & sora. Really, really amazing.

Last day in japan and got to make best memory. She is fire ? love from adie ?

Very good service.

she's the great

Amazing service

She was amazing throughout the entire time. She knows exactly what she’s doing. She was very friendly, and she had a very cute voice. I felt like she was my girlfriend throughout the entire session. I would definitely recommend Erika. I would gladly go see her again if I get the opportunity.

Tall, sweet, young girl with F cup breasts and nice body. Service was good too.

She is truly wonderful. For someone who was new to this, my first soapland experience was so exciting thanks to her skills and patience

She is so sweet! And an anime/manga lover. She has watched any Shounen Anime we mention! Our time was perfect talking about anime and manga

Erika is amazing!!

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