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158cm 5.1ft


22 years old


B85cm(D) W57cm H85cm

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Alice's Blog


As soon as I heard the shop is closing, just like every man who got charmed by her, I rushed to check Alice's availability. How lucky am I... Being her last customer of the day is awesome! Even after being so busy, Alice was as radiant and lovely as always. I'm going to miss gazing at her perfection over those brown "sheets." Sitting on the bed, side by side talking about everything. Trying to find a comfortable position to hug in the tub... I'm not adding the kinky stuff to this list yet, because I hope you will be welcoming all of us to the reborn Paradise. Alice, you deserve being No.1, you deserve being Gold, Platinum, Diamond, whatever the highest rank administration decides to entitle you. If by any chance we end up not meeting again, I can only say thank you, wish you the best and remind you that "you still my No.1~dooo doo dododo doob~" (若くてその曲知らないかな~ 笑)--The Luckiest Puppy

Little by little Alice has been showing me her talents. Last time, C.A. Alice took me on a flight to the sweetest part of heaven. Every single thing about you is just amazing, you don't cease to mesmerize me, Alice. Thank you! --Puppy

The first time I met Alice was last year, around Valentine's day too. So much has happened that it feels like we have known each other for a long time... I do not feel that nervous around her anymore, but I still get stunned by her gorgeous smile, mesmerized by her big bright eyes, and impressed by her hard work. Every single time we met, Alice showered me with kindness, joy, and love. Yes, I feel like we love each other when we are within those thin walls. The magic ends, as it is supposed to be, and starts all over again making each session more enjoyable than the previous one. Alice, thank you so much for being my Valentine twice in a row. I hope we can spend countless more hours together, and maybe more holidays too? --Dapper Puppy

I visited Alice about 2 years ago right before the pandemic. The memory of her is like an encounter from another world. With her gorgeous eyes, she transported me to a time and place that I didn't think were possible to experience on Earth. This was my first time experiencing this type of establishment and all I can really say is Alice has been in my thought every since. The memory of her cheerful bright smile is so vivid. I think about someday experiencing this bliss again, maybe after the stars online and the world settles back into place. My only regret is that there seemed to be no way to repay her for her amazing service at the time. She is truly a gift and a blessing on this Dark World. We're truly not worthy of such thoughtfulness and care. Being with Alice for our short time made me realize how sweet the world can be and how much I've been missing in my life. Be kind and respectful to her. She deserves the best.

Alice is such an intelligent, sweet, funny, and gorgeous woman. I love listening and talking to her! Her way of thinking is so rich, I always learn something. I can't help considering myself the luckiest man in the world because along with her wonderful mind, Alice has the... perFECT boDY PERfect BOdy PERFECT BODY! --Puppy

Ever since our first meeting I've been dreaming about taking Alice on a date. 2020 was full of uncertanties, but my dream came true on Christmas. It was so magical! She took me above the clouds and showed me a view I'd never seen before. Thank you for making my Christmas so special and for always showering me with your kindness.

Alice is the best companion one can ever dream of. She made my Christmas so magic and unforgetable, I sometimes think "wasn't I dreaming?" Thank you for all those amazing and beautiful times. I wish you a healthy and successful 2021.

Yesterday I spent some amazing time with Alice, she is so beautiful. I felt like I am with my real girlfriend. I will remember the unforgettable kisses in bathtub. My best wishes for your next travel plan. - Ajay

Simply the best! In every single aspect

So beauty !! Make love ❤️


Since it is Halloween season I decided to go trick or treating at Rush Hour. Alice greeted me with her gorgeous smile and offered me the sweetest and most delicious treat I could ever ask for. Each session was unique and memorable, and she always took care of me with her kind, warm, and sweet-scented embrace. But this time it felt even more special. If Halloween was like this remarkable, imagine Christmas! Thank you for always making me feel special, Alice.

I missed Alice so much! It's been only a couple of months, but her smile is more gorgeous and she is more beautiful than I can remember. The train background sound while we were talking about so many things made me feel like we were on a couple's trip. I had a blast with the best trip partner possible! Thank you for coming back Alice.

I have been following Alice's posts for a while and every time she posted about costumes I felt like trying some cosplay too. So, I had a memorable swimming lesson in nuru nuru lotion. The swimsuit fitted her wonderful body perfectly and she was kind enough to keep it during the mat play. I had so much fun! But, for obvious reasons, it was no match to her naked mat play. Thank you Coach Alice!

Highly recommendated

Alice is really amazing. I visited her twice on my trip to Japan and enjoyed every minute of it.

Every time I met Alice it was so much fun and pleasure, it felt like I entered a time machine. Our session started, I blinked and three hours slipped away. When I stop to think about it, I realize that I have much more than three hours of incredible memories. The most remarkable ones are her gorgeous smile and those big, bright and playful eyes starring at me. Being with Alice is so magical, it is a timeless experience.

Really wonderful, she knows what you want when you just have a little movement. Very attentive. Definitely will book her again

Alice is a diamond. Very giggly during our session probably because I kept spoiling the mood saying silly things. Though it became hard to speak as she would look right into my eyes and my mind would go all fuzzy. Also Alice seems to have nailed her own calm and sensual style of hospitality. It feels more genuine and intimate as a result. On top of all that she’s just so damned cute. Of course the eyes are hypnotising but then I’d be neglecting practically everything else which is just sublime. Can confirm she excels in pillow talk too and I wish planned my time in Tokyo better in order to book her again. T-T Until next time!

Another session with Alice, another memorable time. I had already experienced the best GFE with her, and she managed to take it to another level. Thank you for being so good at your job.

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