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166cm 5.4ft


24 years old


B84cm(C) W57cm H85cm

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Pubic Hair


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Ryo seemed to be really busy, but Santa Claus granted my wish and we managed to meet one last time before 2020 finished. Santa Claus? He had nothing to do with it. It was purely Ryo's kindness and awesomeness that made my wish come true. Meeting Ryo during the Christmas season was the perfect way to finish my year. I wish you all the best in 2021. Thank you for making this year so memorable!


After a stressful busy month, I had the chance to meet Ryo again. Although it was a very short session she managed to give me back my strength and energy with all her sweetness. I feel like going through everything again as long as I can see Ryo's smile at the end. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

During a busy season, meeting Ryo again was as refreshing and energizing as a cool breeze on a hot day. Apart from the play part, where she is just out of this world, we could talk a lot about all sorts of things. From my standards and experience, any time spent with Ryo is guaranteed fun and pleasure. Thank you for another memorable time.

Let's start with her eyes. Her eyes are beautiful. It felt like i was drawn in to her world through her eyes. Then, her attitude. I was nervous to death, but she guided through the session. Even though We just met, she exactly knew how to handle me. At this point, you will start realize how beautiful she is. Her face, skin, and body, was made into perfection. God must have been in a really good mood when he created her. Her service? absolutely phenomenal. For me, Because she always said that she enjoys her time with me throughout the session, made the session more special. We spoke mainly in Japanese, but she is also can speak great english so language barrier won't be a problem. Because we talked about a lot of things such as Jazz music, Culture, and Life, the session was really fun. Believe me, do yourself a favor and please book her.

Ryo is so sweet and beautiful, in every aspect you can imagine. Her delicate lips were like very powerful magnets that kept pulling me into kissing and kissing and kissing. Ryo creates a harmonious atmosphere of professionalism, passion, sexiness, and cuteness. Thank you for making my day a better day!

I like you Ryo Last to see?

Ryo is very beautiful. If I had to use one word to describe her, it's amazing. She is so beautiful in every aspect, she does seems a little shy but will warm up quickly. She has very soft lips and is so so good with her mouth! Ryo has very beautiful eyes and a gentle touch. I love spending time with Ryo and want to see her many more times to come! Ryo deserves the best, please treat her well.

The first thing you notice about Ryo is that she is tall (for a Japanese girl) and very beautiful. Then you get close and see her eyes and you totally belong to her. Ryo was amazing. Shy at first but she warms up quickly and is a very gentle and kind soul. Her skills are excellent and she knows exactly how to please you. She also enjoys receiving pleasure herself, so treat her with the loving touch she deserves. りょうちゃん!今日、りょうちゃんと一緒にいた時間は最高でした!もっと長い時間を予約すればよかった!また東京に来るといつか分からないけど、来る時に絶対にりょうちゃんを会いに行きます!そして、もっと長い予約するよ!本当にありがとうございました!Thank you, Ryo! See you again!

Perfect Service!

The first thing you notice about Ryo-chan is that she is tall (for a Japanese girl) and very beautiful. Then you get close and see her eyes and from that point, you belong to her. She is a little shy at first, but warms up quickly. Ryo is very sexy and once things get going, her passion takes over and she will take you to heaven. Her warm skin is perfectly smooth wherever you move your hands. Her technique is superb and you will forget all your troubles and stress. Ryo is an angel in every way. My only regret is not booking a much longer session with this beautiful girl. りょうちゃん、昨日本当にありがとうございました!こんな素敵な出会いはとてもに良かったです!次日本に来る時に必ず予約します!See you again, Ryo!

It was my first time using this service. I was nervous but she guide me through the session and made me feel comfortable thus enjoyed a relaxing time. Will certainly look forward to next visit when I'm back in Tokyo!

It was great!

The service was fantastic!

Cute,Kind and excellent service.

Ryo-san was absolutely amazing! She's a total package. Beautiful face, great body, warm personality, etc. She's the girlfriend that you've always dream about. I had the most wonderful time and am looking forward to the next visit. Thank you Ryo-san!

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Last Admission 19:00
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