Rush Hour Yoshiwara Brothel/Soap Land

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159cm 5.2ft


20 years old


B85cm(C) W59cm H88cm

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Pubic Hair


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what can i say... she's beautiful. just too damn perfect. she's amazing. best GFE. the most memorable moment was when she was staring at me while she was doing her thing... just wow! Thank you for the experience. i hope you like my little gift. Mr. Marco

As a former customer of Riri in Paradise Kawasaki, I’m glad she’s still available in Yoshiwara. I already met her thrice and I still can’t get enough. She has that top notch beauty, hospitality, and unforgettable GFE. Since she is FLUENT in English so communication is not a problem and everything is natural. Will surely come back for her.

First time to write a review after several visits. Have to say... Great personality. Initially shy but manages to converse naturally like you are spending time with your girlfriend. A bit westernized and laid back due to her stay in the western part of the world. English was no issue at all. Passionate. Makes it her goal to give the ultimate girlfriend experience to make it fun and not just simple customer service. Everything was just natural like spending time with your girlfriend. Great body. Amazing eyes. Love the long black hair. Best part about her is when she smiles... just melts you away.

Good English! Great accent, nice conversation.

Probably the most gorgeous girl in Paradise right now. Very spontaneous. Fluent English speaker. Personality, body, and (most importantly) her face is the best.

Today was my first time trying the Double Dip service. Riri was perfect!

Beautiful face and body good service!thank you!

She is the prettiest girl I've ever encountered. Was nervous, but she was very very understanding and tried her best to please me. Thank you Riri,

Had the privilege to see Riri this past Friday. She is beautiful and so down to earth and nice. She made my whole trip to Japan worthwhile. Her smile lights up the room. Unfortunately, I am not back until next spring, so pure bliss will have to wait again till then. Will definitely book a longer session. Treat her right.

Riri really went the extra mile to make me feel special. She was laid-back which made me feel extra comfortable. She is very beautiful. I will definitely see her again.

Absolutely Stunning! Very Beautiful and wonderful personality. Her English is great and very good conversationalist. I would love to see her again in February. Thank you Riri!

Super late review, but I saw her in March this year, and was one of her first customers. She was amazing, and she so beautiful. I hope to come back next year and see her again.

Riri was gorgeous and perfect. Excellent English.

Laid back and relaxed. It was a wonderful time.

It's hard to stay away when you know Riri is at paradise , waiting.

Riri is, for the lack of a better word, Perfect

Had the opportunity to spend some time with Riri.... Wow! What a fantastic experience. Her body is simply amazing and her face is so cute and lovely. At first I was a bit nervous, but she is so sweet and makes you feel at home right away. In the end I wished I had more time and wished there was some way I could have taken her home with me. :) I know what I'll be doing next time I visit Tokyo.

Had the chance of seeing Riri once again,for she only shows up once in a blue moon,she is an absolute delight to be with. She has a smile that puts even the most beautiful of flowers to shame, I am looking forward for my next encounter with Riri.

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Business Hours 9:00 ~ 20:00
Last Admission 19:00
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