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Hello♡ Thank you for visiting my page among so many girls♡ My name is RIO ⭐️ I will try to make the gentleman I meet feel 100% happy? I want to kiss you a lot and hug you a lot♡ What do you want to do? Please let me know ✨ I'm not good at English yet, but I want to notice your relationship♡ Tell me a lot of things!


155cm 5ft


20 years old


B86cm(E) W62cm H85cm

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had lots of fun with rio. great personality and quite sweet and lovely. makes you feel comfortable, is cute and funny. please treat her well!

Her smile and laugh are amazingly cute and awesome! Rio did his best to ask me all kinds of questions and lead me to heaven! I'll be back to Tokyo to visit Rio again soon.

I see her every time I come to Japan and no matter how many times I see her, Rio never gets tired of me! Her technique and smile are superb! I highly recommend her!

You're so cute, Rio! See you next week;)-From T

I met Rio three times before I returned to my home country. She is a great girl with a very pretty smile and made me so happy a lot. She was so sweet and erotic that I had to extend every time and now I'm thinking of taking her on a date to spend more wonderful time with her! ありがとう!りおちゃん

I met Rio today. While there were many things I didn't understand about my first escort service, Rio was very kind and helpful, explaining everything to me carefully and in writing! She has a great smile! I would recommend Rio if you are looking for a cute GFE:) see you again, Rio!

I had a really great time with Rio. She was funny and we had a great conversation even though we struggled to understand one another sometimes, but the translator helped with that haha. She has a great body and when the magic happened, her technique was the best I've ever had. I hope to see her again when I'm next in Tokyo !

I met Rio for my first escort experience and last day in Japan. We had great conversation in english, with just a little help of a translator sometimes. She is perfect in relieving stress, in differents ways. Amazing time with an incredibly cute, kind and charming girl. Hope to see you again.

Booked rio for 60 minutes but extended another 30 as she is amazing, the best day i have had, she is super fun and really cute, really easy to talk to and makes sure you have a great time. Highly reccommend. I fell in love. Mr. D

Rio made me feel good from start to finish with her politeness and kindness in everything. Her kissing and bathroom techniques are top notch. Time was short so I asked her for an extension. I can't wait to see her again! Thanks Rio:)

Her skin is very smooth, as silk. I could have cum just by touching her body top to bottom. Her face is beautiful. She is very polite and sweet. Her service is exceptional. One of the best I have met!!! ありがとうRIO CHAN!

She gave me the Best blowjob ever! Thank you Rio, such a cute girl and Amazing GFE skills!

I met Rio this Tuesday, she's a very lovely girl with a charming smile. She wore a schoolgirl uniform that day which fits her so well. She looks young and energetic. Rio likes to talk and will make you feel very welcomed, even though I'm a shy person. We talked a lot of topics, especially about food. About her skills I really like to commend on her hands, they are very skilful and make me feel so comfortable. Definitely would like to meet her again if I come to Tokyo again.

The time I spent with her was very short and very exciting. She sometimes seemed nervous, but she spoiled me with her cute smile and voice. I would like to have dinner with her again when I come back to Japan;)

It was a short time, but it was the best 60 minutes.It's addictive to finish with cute eyes.I'm looking forward to seeing her again!!

Rio is very sweet and has a very cute smile! Her technique was the best and most comfortable I have ever had. I highly recommend her. Thank you Rio:)-from S

I met Rio yesterday. She was so cute and exciting in her school uniform. She has a wonderful technique that makes you fall in love with her and I can't wait to see her again‼︎

I booked Rio for my first escort service in my life.She hugged me and kissed me a lot to relieve my tension.I will definitely book her!I highly recommend her:)

Met Rio before leaving Tokyo, shame I didn't meet her sooner. Very kind, welcoming and beautiful; made my anxiety melt away.

I met with Ms. Rio again. Except this time I got to enjoy watching her body shake as she cums with denma. I also like the noises she makes. She is kind and skillful.

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