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Hi my name is Ann! I love manga, anime, and movies. I can speak a little bit of English, As of now I’m still studying. I am good at oil massage. If you don't mind getting your bed dirty, you can also do a null massage. I can give you a service that combines the traditional Japanese good service and GFE to you. Please come to see me. Twitter account @Paradise__Ann10 ❤️Please DM❤️


156cm 5.1ft


27 years old


B88cm(E) W58cm H90cm

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She’s gorgeous and oh boy, that body of hers! Those tits are to die for! Highly recommend her!

So I had my first 3P experience (with Ann and Erika)... Needless to say, I had such a blast that I can probably never go back to just 1 at a time again. As this is a review on Ann's page I will post the rest about Ann, and I'll post another review on Erika's page. Ann is beautiful as always,thoughtful of the client and her technique and care was just as high quality as getting her alone. I can guarantee no matter how long you book her, you won't be satisfied :3 It's been over 36 hours since the meeting and I still haven't stopped thinking about it. アンさん、今日はすごく楽しいかった。とても嬉しいでした。ありがとうございました。またね!

i would love to see her again.

Ann is very kind, and thoughtful. Her beauty in person is not comparable to the photos, and she is amazing. Her skills are undeniably top notch and you won't regret choosing her. I had chills of excitement for most of the time, otherwise filled with happy enjoyment. If you are worried about language barriers, don't worry! It's hard to give a review, when you know words won't do her justice, so take my advice- don't worry and just make the reservation for her :)

I can just only say .. Thank You... Your eyes are very beautiful and you are also very kind .

I have just seen her eyes .. it’s always talk .. So beautiful.. But most important thing is her behaviour is very good. She is very friendly and has strong personality. I wish she can achieve all success in her life .

Had so much fun with Ann. She is a true lady. Amazing body and looks just like her pictures. Thanks for the great time. Anthony

I had the great pleasure of having two 3p sessions with Ann! One with Ann + Sora, and one with Ann + Erika. Ann matched well with both of them. Her nuru skills are top notch, and her GFE is amazing. She has a youthful appearance (looks younger and cuter in person!), with the experience of someone who knows what her clients want. Ann has good teamwork/chemistry with the other girls mentioned, and most importantly, she is always attending to you even if your focus is on the other girl at the moment so that the action is nonstop. If/when I come back to Tokyo, I hope that I can see her again!

Great service, great person. This was my first soapland visit and it was amazing. Thank you Ann.

Ann is one the sweetest lady that I have ever met. Her techniques are amazing and she make me feel like a next level(GFF) Girl Friend Forever. Highest recommendation and very rare combination of attentiveness, warmth and beauty. Well worth of the platinum status. If there was a double-platinum. She deserves your best because she gives the best.

She's a very cute and hot girl. Very nice service and hot body.

Ann was amazing. She made the experience unforgettable

She was very good.

I heard for many years that japanese women are special so while I'm in JP I decided to check it. I've chosen her and Ann-san showed me the best what she has! She is very experienced and can 'read the air'. You don't even need to know Japanese to be with her. However, I would not recommend her to you guys, because I want to be the only client for Ann ;)

Ann was everything I read and everything I imagined her to be. A very classic beauty but in a sexy way. Her body looks amazing and she has a big soft ass. Her services will leave you drifting on clouds.

I am Kashan you so beautiful sexy love you

Ann was amazing! She has the grace and manners of a geisha to go with her smooth soft white skin and silky black hair. She's truly Japanese inside and out and once you get to know her more, you know you've arrived in Japan. All those who are looking for someone with a nice ass, will find Ann's one of the best they've ever had. It's nice and big and really soft. 60 minutes wasn't enough for me. - Gambate!

She was amazing! Great service.

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