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Hello, my name is Erika. Let's have a good time together. Thanks for watching! Is your wish like a lover? Or is it a professional service? You can get it either way you think?


174cm 5.7ft


26 years old


B96cm(G) W62cm H90cm

Body Type

Busty & Tall







Pubic Hair


Last Checkup




Erika's Blog


She is awesome

My first time in town! Erika is a very friendly and nice girl. Thank you paradise and thank you Erika for the wonderful memorable moments.

Great teacher. I have learned a lot; about myself, about techniques, about Japan. I was nervous, but she helped ease me into the mood. I am a fan.

Erika is very attractive and puts in effort to provide great service. Won't be long till she becomes a top shelf model so see her while can..

I'm ready to marry Erika. She is that good.

Erika is sexy. She will take control of the session and please you. She definitely likes to be pleased as well. Her oral skills might be best in the world. I already scheduled another date.

I like

I had my first outcall experience with Erika last night. I was apprehensive because she looks so elegant in her photos but she is a very friendly girl. She is very tall which suits me fine. She also has a perfect body. She loves giving and receiving oral and I think she had a better time than I did. There was plenty of kissing and cuddling as well. In the end I was a bit slow finishing so our 90 minutes became 120. She really looked after me and I can highly recommend her.

I had a good time with Erika, she is a very pretty and voluptuous woman, and with very good taste, I would surely book her again

Had Erika a couple of days ago at a nice hotel and she was amazing! She really goes that extra mile! She's really attractive and is fun to be around. Will definitely get her again when I return. - BP

Erika is wonderful: funny, playful, kind, and talented. 10/10, would recommend! Until next time!

I've booked Erika recently for 2 hours at a 5 star hotel. Erika is amazing! Probably the most professional service I had so far. She is quite tall with an amazing body and her BJ technique is 10/10. You could just book her for 2h of BJ and you will no regret it! She goes in and wants to please you without any input. Erika is also nicely trimmed down there and I enjoyes pleasing her too. After we had our fun, she gave me qa great massage, which was just what I needed to relax. In the end we soaked in a large bathtub and had a nice chat. I would like to book you again Erika, thank you so much! <3 -Johnny the Pirate

Met Erika last night . She is beautiful , tall , voluptuous and sexy . Her service was amazing from the beginning to the end . She is technician and the master of this industry .Greatest 90 minutes I ever had , I would definitely book her again in the future . Thank you Erika . I’m your number one fan .

Erika is a sexual genius. If you book her, you will not regret it! Incredible skills!

I saw Erika last night and all I can say is WOW. I always noticed her as one of the premiere girls at Paradise, consistently getting achieving high rankings and Platinum status. I’m much closer to Kawasaki, so I was a bit sad that she went over to Yoshiwara. After Kawasaki merged with Yoshiwara earlier last month, I thought I should finally see what all of the hype was about. Let me say that Erika blew my expectations out of the water. She wasted no time in making me feel comfortable and highly desirable. Her techniques are filled with passion, surprise, and naughty energy. Erika managed to find erogenous zones on my body that I didn’t even know I had. If you’re looking for someone who can make you feel pleasure like you’ve never felt before, Erika is the girl you’re looking for.

Erika is beautiful. I can't wait to see her again.

So I had a 3P with Erika and Ann. Having never met Erika, I was a little bit nervous but it wasn't an issue! Erika is very kind and caring and it showed through her words and actions. Her mat skills are truly amazing, but so is every other aspect. My advice: Just book her, try the mat, and have lots of fun. Erika is not only beautiful, but sweet and fun to be around. I'm really happy to have spent this time with her, so I encourage others to do the same and see what they are missing out!

Erika is unreal. I should've gone for a longer session. Her mat play unbelievable. She kept telling me to relax but how could I when she was doing such amazing things. I was literally squirming as she would pull off magic all over. Erika also is amazing in all other areas too. Top to bottom sexy and warm. Shes got this energy about her. Argh just writing this review makes me want to go back. Thank you for a great time Erika! I'll be back for sure!

Erika is truly spectacular. She’s one of the best kissers I’ve ever met, but her skills on the mat and bed are unparalleled. It wasn’t a GFE, it was like being with a long-time lover. I’ve had the chance to see her both solo, and in a 3P with Sora and both times I left with my legs considerably weaker than when I walked in. Haha

Erika is the best at ki**ing. You will feel truly loved and relaxed the entire time you're with her. I can recommend her enough for either solo or 3P sessions.

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