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Wednesday Madness!!!

Planning something with your friends today.. why not go to Paradise Tokyo Yoshiwara. And Yes! this is Paradise.

To our dearest customers, we have very good news to share with you. If you are interested to come here by taxi from Asakusa station, Ueno station or Minowa station you can get a 1,000 yen discount from your total price.
When you come here by taxi please give us your taxi receipt

Please check it out the line up of our beautiful cast for today and add our tumbler page for more information and photo of our girls. thank you and have a great day everyone!.


August 21st, 2019, 9:00am




  1. ypgirls24kanon:I’ve decided not to quit Yoshiwara Paradise!Say hello in the futurem(_...
  2. ypgirls10sora:Thanks for coming!! Still available to book😘😘Come to see me before I leave✨Foreigner...
  3. ypgirls24kanon:It is a holiday from tomorrow!Have fun with everyone!❦kanon❦
  4. ypgirls17haru:Now, HARU is sleepy…And wait for next working day that a chane to meet you♥️
  5. ypgirls10sora:Hello〜♪Thanks for good info about flight ticket✨Finally I got it !!  I’m gonna...
  6. ypgil00alice:🌟Today 16:00-23:00I’m waiting for you💆🏻‍♀️💗Alice💗
  7. ypgirls00erika:My...
  8. ypgirls24kanon:Hello💋✨🍑
  9. ypgirls24kanon:It is closed from tomorrow💋🍑
  10. Photo
  11. KANON12:00-22:00🏝Paradise Tokyo🏖Fantasize something that your naughty mind can do?. 💋👙 Paradise...
  12. ypgirls00erika:HELLO‼️Last year’s me😅Today’s schedule09:00〜18:00Please come see...

  Talk with a staff member sooner or make a reservation by adding us below.

Paradise was established at Kawasaki, because our signature concept mixes western culture with the enjoyment of a traditional Japanese “Soapland”. Then, a lot of foreign customers including tourists use us, so we also launched a new shop at Yoshiwara in March 2019. Our private, purpose-built facility has 8 service rooms. With all walk in customers, you will receive a live line up with all the available cast members. You will be able to see what they are working with and choose from the selection to your liking. Our establishment is located 15 minutes (walking distance) from Minowa, Iriya station, or 20 minutes from Asakusa station. Also, you can come visit us by taxi, it costs about 1,000Yen from Ueno station. Public coin parking facilities are also available in the vicinity of the establishment for clients visiting by car.


All walk-in guests receive a face-to-face line up of all available cast members. After each girl introduces herself, guests are free to choose their favorite girl.

Paradise staff can also assist in helping you choose the most ideal companion. Please don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations. We aspire to make sure each and every visitor of Paradise receives the best possible service.

Paradise Etiquette

Your session will be terminated immediately if you are in violation of the following rules.

  1. Physical abuse and forceful behavior.
  2. Verbal abuse in any language.
  3. Attempts to obtain personal information from the companion. (Headhunters/Recruiters/Stalkers)
  4. Extension of time due to unruly behavior.
  5. Photography / Video Recording
  6. Any act considered to be an invasion of privacy.

We have the right to refuse service to following individuals into our establishment.

  1. Individuals under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.
  2. An employee or proprietor of a business in same line of business.
  3. Organized Crime Members.
  4. Unsanitary Individuals who may be carrying a "Sexually Transmitted Infection"
Business Hours 9:00AM to 11:00PM
Last Admission 10:00PM
〒111-0031 東京都台東区千束4-21-1
Tokyo Prefecture, Taito Ward,
Senzoku, 4-21-1


  Talk with a staff member sooner or make a reservation by adding us below.

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